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When the government brings its resources to bear on a citizen.......
 Services--Taking on the State
The Wood Law Office's wealth of experience and talent, acquired during 25 years in criminal defense is ready to go to Court with you in Navajo, Apache and Gila Counties, including the cities of Show Low, Holbrook, Winslow, Pinetop, Snowflake, St. Johns, Sanders, Springerville, Payson and Globe. This includes both Superior Court and Justice and Magistrate Courts in all of those locations.
​Don’t talk to the Police.
Most people are in jail because they want to explain to the officer. Normally, the officer is not interested in an explanation, the officer wants an admission to strengthen the case. Officers who have decided to arrest cannot be talked out of it.
Explain to the officer that you want a lawyer with you—it’s your right—and that will end the conversation.

If you are arrested for any reason, Don’t Talk to the Police. Ask for a lawyer. The lawyer is your legal expert that will make certain that you are not being lied to.

If someone has been arrested calling from the jail or the police department to tell those at home what happened is as good as a confession; the police will record the call. Do Not Talk about the offense; get help by getting a lawyer.

Be sure you have experienced and qualified lawyers with you when you go to Court to defend your rights